Project Description

ROSÉ & GEMS – starring Kenzie

Styled by @Elevationsinstyle

Captured by @Evansdwayne

Capturing your imagination:  @Hkkendalll

Making it beautiful:  @Celinabmua and @Milaniabeauty

Although we went light on the accessories on this shoot, our goal was to leave the viewer with that impression of opulence and sophistication captured in the colour palette and the elevation in the pieces selected.  We also wanted the selections to feel timeless, so we aged the photos to take you back in time to give you that vintage feel.

Kenzie’s statuesque aura brought the perfect balance between subtle beauty and the poise that reflects the power of today’s woman.  A woman who knows how to close the deal, but chooses to include her femininity as just another weapon in her arsenal as she moves towards world domination.

Power within the beauty.

This shoot is the perfect marriage between pastels, and jewel tones.  The hard and the soft brought to life.