Collaborating with Elevations was one of my best decisions. I have been looking for a stylist to develop my son’s Instagram presence. Together, we broadened the scope of the project and came up with TheseKidzWearCrowns. The project required a stylist with experience, imagination, and diversity. Chris provides these skills and more.  He has a very attractive approach to business and his craft and he helped elevate our brand and project with his positive and professional experience.

He was awesome and the looks were amazing.  After discussing the brand direction, we set out to determine the image and feel of the brand and the position we wanted to occupy in the space. We plan to continue to develop the brand.  Currently, we have over 4,000 followers and the kid’s style and looks have helped us land new business. I have even elevated my own style with Chris.  Definitely one of the best stylist I have ever worked with. It’s been a wonderful experience!
Jae H, Gypsy & Co. Productions

I found the advice he provided to be helpful, especially on what works best for different body types, complexions in terms of styles, colors, or resources such as physical stores or good online options.

His anecdotes and his understanding of what’s going on inside a recruiter’s mind or what is found to be distracting was very interesting and insightful.

Knowing Chris’ level of expertise, I will definitely hire him again.


Chris knows his stuff.  In a very engaging presentation, Chris highlighted all the critical points in dressing to make the best possible first impression.  In this case, we are going to job interviews, but Chris’s advice is spot on, whether making a sales call, going on a first date, or “meeting the potential in-laws”!  Well done, Chris.  Now, if I could just part with those favorite old suits of mine.

Mary Ann