Project Description

URBAN WARRIOR – starring Julia

Styled by @Elevationsinstyle

Captured by @Evansdwayne

Capturing your imagination:  @Lifewithjuliaaa

Making it beautiful:  @Celinabmua and @Milaniabeauty

Julia is powerful. But not just in disciplining herself to be the amazing athlete she is, she has an intensity in her eyes that dares you to underestimate her. She’ll surprise you, while convincing you that you shouldn’t be surprised all in one look.  We wanted to match that intensity with adding a street-level edge to this athleisure shoot.

But wait!  What? You thought @Lifewithjuliaaa didn’t have a darker side? In the second chapter, we wanted to show just how battle-ready Julia is.  There’s nothing leisurely about this athlete. In this shoot Julia came to win and she killed it!