Hello Style Conquerors!

2018 is upon us!  New things for you, and new things for me this year!  We’re still @ it, stylin’ and profilin’, but this year, we wanted to showcase the fashion newbies.  No, I’m not talking about those who are looking to review their style points to return to the cutting edge of style (I’m ALWAYS available for help with that!).  I’m referring to the young kids who are discovering their style for the first time.  Future trend-setters who are redefining the game for a whole new population.

@TheseKidzWearCrowns is a movement.  We plan on showcasing some of our future taste-makers.  Those kids who we believe “got next”.  Not just because they are so adorable or because they are rocking the looks we put them in, but because they are all exploring their magic in a positive way.  Role models in the making with drive and focus for what they love.  
TKWC will showcase these bright sparks through a collective of style, art, music, and cinematography, promoting brands, and a positive message.  Check out our site to see what we’re doing, how we’re doing it, and why we’re doing it!  Get involved.  Get in touch with us @ thesekidzwearcrowns@gmail.com or DM us, and let us know what your kids are doing that helps them stand out from the crowd.  Your child could be chosen for an upcoming style session and photoshoot for TKWC.
In the meantime, here’s some behind the scene’s footage with our current star @swagsunn (a.k.a. Jaemy Orion Phoenix).  As well, watch the full length video of why I got involved with this project.
Stay Tuned… @TheseKidzWearCrowns has a lot more in store for you!
 TKWC introduces Jaemy Orion Phoenix
Chris Morgan – Elevations
These Kidz Wear Crowns