Hey guys!  By now, if your Instagram feed is fashion-centric like mine is, you would’ve seen several advertisements for a new custom-clothing company called MTailor.  If you’re like me, you got excited a few years back when online custom shirt companies started popping up and you pulled the trigger because you thought that this miracle would change your life and upgrade your wardrobe from the comfort of your couch.  If you’re like me… you were greatly disappointed with the results.

Rightfully so, as the words “on-line” and “custom-fit” don’t really seem to make any kind of sense if there’s no one actually taking 24 measurements to ensure that the garments are precisely carved to your unique and specific physique.  There’s a reason why you go to a tailor to get the best suit you’ve ever dawned.

That was then…  This is now.  Like all things, it takes time, and understanding of your clientele’s needs to get things right.  In the case of online shopping, it also takes technology, in order to eliminate the middle-man.

Enter, MTailor.  These guys have managed to utilize your smartphone camera to take a video of you that allows them to precisely take the measurements required to provide you with, as they call it, “the best fitting shirt you own”.

As a stylist who understands the importance of the interaction with a skilled, qualified tailor, I guffawed a snobbish “pshaw!”.  So I reached out to MTailor and dared them to prove me wrong.

I stood in my boxer-briefs in front of my cell phone (which believe it or not in this day and age, was a new experience for me) and rotated in front of the camera as per instruction.  Mind you, the whole time, I was thinking, “am I going to end up on some comedy website, or as a gag reel for the MTailor staff and then eventually YouTube with the caption “Foolish stylist disrobes and thinks we can make a shirt by him spinning around on video”!
I placed the order with the selection of my specific preferences anyway, along with my strange video.  3 weeks later, my magical shirt appeared at my door.

Real talk, people… This is one of the best fitting shirts I own.  At first look, I was skeptical as there are specific things about this shirt that only a bespoke tailor would bother paying attention to.  For example, through the selection process, I was asked which wrist I wear my watch on.  I told them without thinking much of it.  When I received my shirt, I realized that the wrist opening on the left wrist (which is the correct wrist to wear a watch on for any gentleman) was slightly bigger than the right.  It just makes sense.

Look guys, it’s time.  I’m here to let you know that “custom-fit” and “on-line” do go together.  MTailor has figured it out.  You want to find a reasonably priced (starting @ $69) custom-fit shirt or suit (yes, they do suits too, starting @ $499), but don’t want to get off your couch and are already in your underwear, then download the free MTailor app and do the custom measurements dance.  3 weeks later, you’ll be thanking Elevations, and MTailor.
I would say that this is a great holiday gift idea for a loved one, but good luck getting them to do the dance without knowing the reason why (unless they’re into that kind of thing). Either way, it’s a great holiday gift for yourself.  

Elevations has partnered with MTailor to provide you with a promo code that provides you $20 discount on your first order.  The promo code is “elevations“. 
Step your game up, guys.  Nothing says I have my expletive together like a shirt that looks like it was sculpted to your body.  Take it from a guy who gets most of his shirts taken in.  This is a much better (affordable) option.