Style icons need theme music every season, just like superheroes do!  A lot of great new music has come out in the last couple weeks and I’m sure most of you have already chosen what you’re going to strut into summer with.

I don’t necessarily have a theme song, as my style is constantly evolving and changes with my mood, so I have a theme “playlist” that carries me through my life movie.  At the top of that playlist is the latest release from my pawtna Sean JonesSmoke is an up tempo departure from Sean’s last collection.  This track gets you movin’!  When I’m set up to step out and make an appearance where I want everyone to know “we up in here”, the swagger of this track is what is resonating in my mind as I hit em with it!

Add this track to your collection!  Get it on most streaming apps.  Sean’s new sound will surprise you!  I’ve heard other tracks from his upcoming release that will definitely move you.  Sean’s bringing the heat this time.  The 6ix better get ready!  It’s gonna be a hot summer.  Mr. Jones will be holding court this summer at Casa Loma again, so consider your Monday evenings booked!

Sean knew that this music was going to be special for him, so he asked Elevations to capture the look of his new sound.  The above shot is the lead image and with the guidance of great photographer, Lane Dorsey, we were able to capture a look that commanded respect, with the perfect element of sex appeal to peak our audience’s interest.  For this shot, we lead with this amazing birds-eye charcoal 3-piece suit, with a light blue birds-eye slim fit shirt underlay from Hugo Boss.  The shoes, (is that liquid chocolate?!) are Luca del Forte low cut chelseas.

If you’re looking to round out your theme playlist with more of what the 6ix has to offer, then sample some more of Toronto’s finest with Drake‘s More Life, The Weeknd‘s Starboy (which you should already have), and a surprise out of left field, if you’re on Apple Music, download (don’t just listen to, download!) a playlist called Hot Up In The 6ix, for a sample of the new kids who are also contributing to reshaping this new Toronto renaissance, that further solidifies our ability to create music for the world stage with a distinct sound that is our own.

After sampling all of these sources, you may think that the score to your 2017 movie is complete.  Like your wardrobe, always leave room for pleasant surprises that could take your style, and your ear to new and exciting places.  It’s what keeps you the icon that you are!

Get@me.  #SummerSeventeen is going to be one to remember!