Featured Elevated Client – Ethan W.

Meet Ethan.
A jack of all trades on a journey to pack as much life into his moment on this tiny blue speck as possible.  This wanderer has always been a bit of a conundrum.  He’ll admit it.  He walks to the beat of a different drum, and I’ve always respected him for it.  Ethan was always aware of the lanes that he was supposed to travel in, but like me, he never cared much for keeping to the status quo.
However, there came a time when Ethan wanted to explore who he was image-wise. Just who did he want the man in the mirror to look like?  Elevations just seemed like a great jumping off point for him.  He knew he had the confidence to be anything, so with the help of Elevations, he explored several looks, all of which he pulled off gracefully.  That is, until the day we found a look that a man could stand on.
Elevations taught Ethan that sometimes, a name is just that…a name.  Brand names are not the secret to developing your style.  Style is born out of creativity.  Looking at the frame that you have to work with and picking combinations of looks that all work for you without having to rely on flashy logos or monograms or big price tags to let people know that you’ve arrived.  Ethan loves the way the guy in the mirror looks (and so do his friends) and loves getting up in the morning and raiding his closet.  He has the look down, he knows that that’s the 55%.  One less thing to worry about when he wows the world with the other 45%.  He’s a downtown guy, who now has a downtown look.
See for yourself…Check out Ethan before…

And now, meet the Elevated Ethan…