Happy Summer Fashion Fanatics!

Hope you got to enjoy our mini heat wave here in The 6.  Unfortunately, some of us had to be on the job, and that means suits and ties.  Gents, I hope your summer suit game is on fleek this season, but no suit is complete without a neck tie.

I came across a great new company out of Hong Kong called The Dark Knot, that specializes in the re-introduction of the classic silk tie.  These aren’t your dad’s silk ties!  These ties have been re-imagined for today’s young go-getter.  Refined with the highest quality Asian silk and interlined with a double layer of wool and cotton to provide the right thickness and a perfect knot every time no matter how you tie it.

I wanted a closer look, so I ordered a few ties to add to my growing sartorial collection (another plus… Free Shipping Globally!  Didn’t even pay customs!  Shhhh…And it only took 10 days!).  Below you’ll see my selection.  Love these ties!  And not only did I get the ties exquisitely packaged, I also received an information card that provides recommendations for matching suit and tie combinations!  This a great tidbit of information for those sartorialists just getting into the game.

Attention to detail is what elevates you above the noise, gentleman.  The Dark Knot is here to make sure that your collection has the classics with a new twist.  Your father was doing something right.  Now it’s your turn!

OK, OK.  I know what you’re thinking… “Well that’s all fine and well for you, Mr. Elevations, but can you hook me up… or not!”  Well, exclusively for you, my fashion fanatics, fine.  Use me!  In fact, use my name!…

 For a limited time, when you go to the checkout on The Dark Knot, please enter the following discount code to receive 15% off your entire purchase (including sale items)!
Discount code:  ELEVATION15

Elegant packaging ideal for gifting as well as storage.

Packaging includes a disposable tie clip to ensure that your tie doesn’t end up in your soup.