Coming off the Toronto Men’s Fashion Week (TOM*) in the midst of New York’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, and just a little further down the road, the start of the holiday season (sorry sun-worshippers), men are clearly starting to think more about Elevating their game than ever before.

There are a lot of options out there for the gents, so where do you start?  Well gents (and those ladies who are the style directors for their gents), I’ve recently come across a gem of a site that will make your suit buying just a little easier!

I know what you’re saying… “You can’t get a good suit on line!”  Finding that great slim fit look has always been a challenge, but I’ve found a site that finally “gets it” guys.  They.  Just.  Get.  It.

Bonobos understands the importance of perfecting that slim fit look.  Before reviewing their suiting options, I would have never bought a suit online without already previously sampling their wares.  But Bonobos has taken a lot of the uncertainty out of the purchase by employing style ninjas!  That’s right I said, ninjas!  These knowledgeable ninjas can sense when you may have a question or concern and pop up (just like a ninja should) to guide you through your selection, sizing, measurements, fabrication queries, or even provide you with some relationship tips or fancy recipe to impress your lady!  They’ve thought of everything!

I tested the ninja I chatted with, Leeor (one of over 40 ready to assist you).  He made me feel secure in my selection and my purchase, and not once did I feel like he was selling to me!  He was literally just there to help me make a confident purchase.  He told me that the motto of the dojo is “People Before Profit”.  Clearly, Bonobos and Elevations share the same philosophy. 

Still don’t want to buy a suit online?  Bonobos will be expanding their Guideshops across the US and soon, hopefully here in Toronto, where you can go in and try on the suit of your choice before placing your order!

Price points for their collection are suitable (pun intended), in the range of their big-store competitors, Banana Republic or J. Crew.  However, their selection is far greater.  So many options, such little time!

Now you guys know that I don’t normally do reviews.  So why am I so excited about Bonobos’ new men’s suit collection?  Their new Fall collection is BONKERS.  Yup, I said BONKERS!  Don’t believe me… See for yourself.  The grey honeycomb slim tuxedo is my next purchase.  I won’t hate if you guys pick it up too, but check out all of their other great options for this season as well!  Their collection speaks for itself.  Get at me if you need some help picking your new ELEVATED look.  That’s what I’m here for, bros!

Capstone slim tuxedo – grey honeycomb; Capstone slim tuxedo – navy herringbone

Details:  The jacket length stops exactly where it should this season.  Right at the break of the crotch.  The sleeves leave just enough to showcase the shirt cuffs and allow for your arm candy to make the occasional subtle appearance.

Pant length is exact allowing you to showcase your great new socks, or your ankle game.  This is a man who’s ahead of the game.  Elevated.

Bonobos knows that your not a businessman… you’re a business… man!  They’ve added a business card pocket to their jacket’s this season.

Always bet on black.  Classic.  Refined.  Evolved.  Elevated.