Hello Fall Fashion Fans,

Elevations and Banana Republic show the General Electric Women’s Network (GEWN) the Impact of their Image!  This love affair of ours works out great for the women of GE.  This time we gave them part 2 of building an impactful image, and then spent some time showing the ladies how to mix and match their basics and on-trend items to make several looks with the same pieces.

OK, OK!  I’ll share one nugget of information that I gave to the GEWN!  Ready?  Well with this knowledge… You will be now!

Top 5 Fashion Trends for Fall 2014
1.  Texture of the Season:  Metallic-inspired Accessories and Clothing


Metallic pattern mixes are making a bold resurgence this fall.  You’ll see that liquid metal gloss on shoes and handbags, as well as belts, and it will even make it’s way into skirts and more clothing as we move into the festive season.

 2.  Colour of the Season:  Deep Red Burgundy

Last year it was green in emerald hues.  This season, it’s eye popping reds and strong burgundies.  You can understate it if you’re still developing your “colour courage”.

3.  Prints & Patterns

Floral prints with intricate HD detail will be big for fall.  Bold Patterns will also stay on trend this year (houndstooth).  Go with one Bold print or pattern in anything from a dress to an accessory.

4.  Stripes

This season, almost feels like “anything goes” as stripes make a triumphant return.  Feels like they never left!
5.  Comfort Knits and Isle Patterns
Comfort is the buzzword on all of the runways this season.  Take advantage, ladies.  Stock up on your knits.  And when the snow comes, don’t be caught without at least 1 or 2 Fair Isle patterned sweaters.  If done right, these casual looks can still be dressed up for work.

Special thanks to our incomparable dessert caterers The Creative Cakery, as well as the lovely ladies from Lovelee Promotions and Crystal Head Vodka for keeping us all lubricated!  Please check out the Creative Cakery on Instagram!  Their desserts were the true stars of the evening.

Here are some great pics from the event!  Elevations is available to partner with any organization to put on a similar event for you!  Contact us!

Cheryl and Cynthia, proud owners of The Creative Cakery

The woman behind the man, and her biggest fan.

Leanne from Lovelee Promotions with Crystal Head Vodka