You’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression” – Will Rogers
Do you ever have trouble making yourself seen, or heard, or get the impression that you can’t connect the way you’d like with certain people?  We’ve all felt this from time to time… trying to figure out if others just don’t “get” you or if there may be something off-putting about ourselves.  There’s times when we all want to be impactful, whether you’re in the boardroom or at the bar, everyone wants to leave a positive impression.  Before you resort to drastic measures, take a look in the mirror and ask, “could it be something I’m saying or not saying?  Could it be the way I’m saying it or not saying it?  Or… could it be, no… it couldn’t be… how I… look?… Nahhhhh!  Wait… Could it?”
Image is perception and perception is everything!” – 
Wendy Keller, Secrets of Successful Negotiating for Women
There are 3 main factors associated with someone else’s first impression of you:

·         What you say
·         How you say it
·        Visual Presentation
Some of you may be shocked to learn the weighting significance of the 3 factors mentioned above.  The pie chart below illustrates how important your presentation of your personal image impacts someone’s first impression of you.

Wow!  55% of someone’s first impression of you comes down to things like:

·         Did you bother to iron your shirt today?
·         Should your belt match your shoes?
·         Is your shirt tucked in?  Should it be?
·         Do these colours match this season?
·         Do you think anyone will notice that my suit jacket doesn’t EXACTLY match my suit pants?
·         Are these red pumps too much with this skirt?
·         Is this skirt too short for the office?
·         Did I comb my hair today?
And just how long exactly do you have to address any of these nagging questions from the time you’re about to meet someone for the first time to the time that they have completed their analysis of you and have set their first impression?  7 seconds max!
Within 3-7 seconds, a person’s mind judge and jury has completed thousands of computations to determine:
·         Are you someone to approach or to avoid?
·         Are you a friend or foe?
·         Do you have status or authority?
·         Are you trustworthy, competent, likeable, and/or confident?
This is why you should have all of the above questions about your appearance answered confidently before you even leave your home in the morning.  You never know who you’re going to meet on your way into work.
So what happens if you haven’t made the best first impression?  Studies show that it takes around 20 subsequent encounters for someone to revise their first impression of you.  Needless to say, only time and future positive interactions can help change someone’s mind about you.  Visual perception can be reversed much sooner than that, especially with Elevations’ help!
If you struggle with defining your image, or have an idea of what image you’d like to put forward, but don’t know the details or where to find them to complete the “ideal you”, don’t worry.  Elevations is here to help you map out and bridge the gaps between the you of today and the “elevated” you who makes that killer first impression everytime!
We’ll take care of the 55%… We’ll leave the rest to you.

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