Dressing for a wedding isn’t the most exciting chore for a guy. Not to mention, there isn’t always a whole lot of variety when it comes to men’s wedding attire. But with just a little attention to detail and the willingness to step outside your boundaries just a wee bit you’d be surprised at how you’re able to elevate your look. And while the rest of the men are staring at the women…guess who they’ll be staring at?

Read on and pay attention…

The look I was going for here, in the picture shown above, was to emphasize the clean lines and sharpness that only a solid black suit can express. The tailoring on this piece gave me a finished look. I chose a subtle stripe pattern in the shirt and accented that with a solid, yet bold tie, patterned pocket square, and silver cufflinks which played the melody in harmony with the shirt. The stunner was the addition of the black rose.
I took the traditional idea of a boutonniere and added a twist to it with this faux black rose. The combination of the black silk on the black merely add to the elegance of the silhouette as they create a subtle contrast between the sharp, sleek lines of the suit and the organic form of the flower. A simple addition of such an accessory can draw the right kind of attention, and set you apart from the crowd… Elevation.