Psst. PSSST! Some little birdie told another little birdie who told a Ms. Laura Connell, a local fashion blogger, who told an up-and-coming fashion photographer from Brittain, Alexander Willink , that there was a new stylist in town who had a fresh and unique eye!
But I ain’t one to gossip, so you ain’t heard nothing from me! Better let nobody say nothin’ bout Ms. Jenkins! (In Living Color; circa 1991.)

Long story short, after a brief discussion Alexander and I decided to collaborate on a shoot for our portfolios. It was a great experience working in the studio and with such professionals. Thank you Oli and Grace! You did a great job! Nicki of Mango Tango Make Up Designs, thanks for working with me on a direction.

The pic on top is just a preview… You want to see more? Go to Click on Gallery and select the Extended Hours Gallery.
Stay tuned… It only gets bigger and better!