Again… Better late than never! 

It’s been a very busy holiday season for us all!  So much so, that I didn’t really start my Christmas shopping until the 22nd!  But I managed to get it all done and had a wonderful holiday with my friends and family.

Another thing I got around to doing late was to let you all know that my Revive Magazine cover hit newsstands on December 17th!  If you haven’t picked it up yet, here’s the cover!  You’ll have to buy the magazine to see both of my features with Keegan Connor Tracy and Sean Jones.  Pick it up on your local newsstands across Canada today!

Here’s a couple more behind the scenes shots for your viewing pleasure.

Going over the shots with the photographer.

Finishing touches to give the dress that “pencil” look.

Trying to get that “perfect” cover shot.

Keegan showing off the amazing jewelry from Mark Lash.

The only way to take an “Elevated” bath… with candles and a Brandon Dwyer dress!

Keegan sporting an incredible fur vest, courtesy of Jameson Kane.

A nice dinner after a long day of work.  Me, Keegan Connor Tracy, Brandon Dwyer, and Brian Maristela.

The Sean Jones shoot was a lot of fun as well.  Here’s his “Behind the Lenz” segment with Revive, as well as some behind-the-scenes shots.

This is what $70,000 in diamonds looks like! The chain link bracelet on the bottom right was designed for Drake.  Thank you Mark Lash Jewelry!

Sean and his friend’s puppy in make-up.

He was so cute… I couldn’t resist!

It was such an honour to work with Keegan and Sean!  Please go and pick up the holiday issue of Revive, and watch out for Keegan on the hit CTV show Once Upon a Time, and keep your ear to the ground for Sean’s forthcoming album!

Signing off for 2012!  Looking forward to an even better and more exciting 2013!  Elevations wishes all of you the best in the coming year.  Stay tuned… We’re going to do it even bigger this year!